Mon, 20/11/2023 to Fri, 29/12/2023
Local Time

To be determined (GMT+01:00) Bruselas, Copenhague, Madrid, París. Please check your time:

Sessions will be held privately between the participant and Regional Expert Cynthia Borja.

  • Session Objective: The one-on-one catchup and follow-up sessions aim to provide personalized support and guidance to participants of the International Deans' Course Latin America (IDC-LA). These sessions serve as an opportunity to address individual concerns, track progress, and refine the Strategic Action Plans (SAPs). 
  • Session Duration: Each session will last 30 minutes. The time and date for the sessions will be coordinated individually with each participant.
  • Session Structure:
    • Introduction (~5 minutes)
    • Review of Progress (~10 minutes)
    • Addressing Challenges (~8 minutes)
    • Guidance and Refinement (~5 minutes)
    • Actionable Takeaways (~2 minutes)
Regional Expert
Cynthia Borja


  • Saarland University