International Deans' Course

Latin America 2015/16


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Supported with funds provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) the Programme ‘Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies’ (DIES) aims to strengthen higher education management capacities in developing countries.

Training Module 3 will be finally held online from 19th to 23rd April, 2021. It is the last series of seminars of the DIES International Deans’ Course Latin America 2020/2021 and it will focus on soft skills such as Communication Skills and Networking, Media Strategy, Leadership and Diversity Management. We wish the attendees not only to take advantage of the expertise of speakers, but also that the learning process is both pleasurable for them personally and beneficial for their home institutions.

Date: 17 February 2021

External Expert: Jaime Alberto Camacho Pico

Institution: Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia


Date: 10 February 2021

External Expert: Daniel Scacchi

Institution: Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina



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