Fri, 13/03/2020

Dear DIES IDC LA 2019/20 participants and Alumni,

Unfortunately, we have to cancel both Module 3 and the Alumni Conference. The University of Saarland has issued a general ban on business trips today, regardless of the destination of the trip. This even applies to intern business trips within Germany. The regulation means, among other things, that you would not be insured during the trip, that you would not be able to account for it, etc. We also fear that in a few days the borders with Spain will be closed to fly to the Dominican Republic, due to the current situation that the country is experiencing with the COVID-19, so it is not an option for our Spanish colleagues to do the module.

Unluckily, it is not an option to postpone module 3 for several reasons. However, we will take the necessary steps so that, from a distance, you can complete the module and receive your certificate.

We are very sad for not being able to carry out the module and meet in the Dominican Republic, but given the events we believe that it is also a security measure and we are providing our help so that the spread of viruses is less and we can return to our normal lifes as soon as possible.

But we hope to meet you at the next Alumni Conference next year!