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24 Deans of Central and Latin American Higher Education Institutions attended this 5-day course to develop and improve their competence in Quality Management, Research Management, Human Resources Management and Strategic Planning.

Deans from 25 Higher Education Institutions from LA will attend the Training in Saarbrücken, September 30th to October 4th, 2013.

High-profile Latinamerican deans begin the course in Germany and Spain

Apply now to the new edition of the International Deans' Course Latin America 2013/14

From the 15th to the 19th of April Universidad Tecnológica de Panama developed the third Training Module of the IDC-LA.

Date: Wednesday 27th February 2013
External Expert: Luis Ramos
Institution: University of Alicante

Date: Thursday 31st January 2013
External Expert: Jesús Sebastián
Institution: CSIC Spain

Date: Thursday 6th December 2012
External Expert: Jocelyn Gacel-Ávila
Institution: Universidad de Guadalajara, México

Date: Monday 3rd December 2012
External Expert: Eduardo Matozo
Institution: Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina

Date: Monday 19th November 2012
External Expert: Luis Becerra
Institution: Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia